Thursday, May 24, 2007

a sore throat & a sore foot

for all you smart cookies out there, you are going to wonder what I am doing blogging mid day on a Thursday. no, I am not fooling around on the computer at work, I am sitting in the comfort of my lovely home, sneezing my face off [yeah, wipe those germs off your screen!] and icing my foot.

so, I took the boys to st paul last weekend - we had a great visit with coralee. I posted some of the pictures below - and I will post more if I can hobble my way downstairs. the only downside was that ty didn't really want to sleep the first night. nate awakened him [I would like to think by accident!] at around 10pm. I think it was 2am before he was sleeping again. and even that was in bed with nate and I instead of in the playpen where he was suppose to be. both boys were up at 6am - me and all my exhaustion tried to sleep as they jumped around me on the bed! needless to say, the cold kicked it up a notch and by sunday night, I was begging for drugs! cold or not, the boys and I had SO much fun! it was so great to see how nate had matured since we had been there last. he was not scared of any of the animals and he rode the "little tractor" [okay, so it was a lawn mower, but don't tell him!] with lance and just had a ball. ty did a big ol' joy dance when he saw the dump truck, and he sat on lance's harley like he owned the thing! cor & I had a really nice time catching up on everything. a really good long weekend!

then tuesday came. I had significantly drugged cold into submission on tuesday morning, as we had a big field trip and I was NOT going to miss it for anything! well, I go to leave the house when I trip and land on my foot & my ass. john comes running out [I must have screamed - or in all probability, screamed the f-word] and I seriously couldn't get up. you know how when you twist your ankle and then you get up, walk it off and all is well? yeah. that didn't happen. however, I did get up and limped a bit and decided that I needed to go to school, regardless of my foot. well, by the time I got there, I was in extraordinary pain and after some collegial coaxing, I decided to postpone the field trip. since subs are an enigma as of late, I shipped out all my students, with work, and headed to the medi center. to make a long story short, I did not break anything, but I did bruise the bone on the top of my foot. I tried to take the day off yesterday, but there were no subs, so today is the day. funny thing, my foot doesn't hurt nearly as much as my face [sinus colds suck, dude!]...and I am in debate if I should go in tomorrow. I am feeling like there is so much to do and not nearly enough time to do it in!

so, there is my crazy story - and if you've been wondering where I've been the last few days...well now you know! hopefully I can be back out walking on sunday...I hate not keeping up with my training schedule. I am thankful though. I could be sitting her in a pretty pink cast!

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