Thursday, May 10, 2007


pictures of nate at his first soccer game. so stinkin' cute...what can I say? I am TOTALLY the biased mother! I was really proud of him last night. he played 2 whole shifts, even though his best buddy, dominick, was playing for the other team. john did a great job coaching the kids too. what can I say? it was just a really nice evening and I hope nate does just as good for the rest of the season. [he was a bit annoyed that he didn't score a goal...THAT is my competitive son!]

on another note, this week has been one of THOSE weeks. 2 teeth pulled on tuesday [and a filling re-do], soccer last night, shots for ty today. and then school. I still feel like I am just barely floating in the sea of work, but today I felt like my kids made a math breakthrough. adding with re-grouping finally makes sense [to the kids, that is!!]. YIPPIE! I totally have to remember the small things and cherish them. like my one non-reading kid, reading a little book to me. like another student complementing one that he usually fights with. like one who is often too scared to risk, taking a huge risk to get in front of the class and try something new. I am so proud of them, although they do drive me bonkers MOST of the time!! alas, the life of a teacher. I love it for all of those reasons.

and then the HUGEST THING OF ALL [for me!]: I have been hitting the pavement more as of late. I can honestly say that I have moved this body every day this week. my class on monday. to london drugs and back on tuesday. an hour with mom & rae on wednesday. to second cup and back today. I had coffee with susan tonight and she told me my bum looks smaller. that's the nicest complement EVER!! lol. so I came home and ate the rest of the pizza from dinner. yeah - still a steep learning curve with all of this. one step at a time, right?

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Kirstin said...

hey! congrats on your bum...I wish I could say the same thing!