Saturday, May 19, 2007

top 5 reasons...

since I skipped this yesterday:

top 5 reasons not to drink too much wine on a friday night...
1. the six am headache sucks.
2. gimmie WATER!!
3. the six am headache and hearing that the kids are up already
4. having your husband laugh at you
5. having 2 teenagers walk home with you [just to make sure you get to the right house!]

okay, so I did have a ton of fun watching dreamgirls with connie last night, but I should have stopped with one glass! the boys and I are off to st paul this morning - they are already driving me crazy and nate's been doing this whole screaming & following when I leave the house. grrr. well, off to finish packing up the car - it's bound to be an expensive trip at $1.21 a liter. alas, the farm on a cold, rainy may long weekend is ALL good!

so, have A glass of wine this weekend and enjoy the weather wherever you may be!

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