Thursday, May 03, 2007


okay, so I got tagged...which means someone reads my measly blog [maybe?]!

7 things, then tag 7 people [THAT could be the problem!].

1. I am a teacher.
2. I play the piano - not as much lately as I'd like...!
3. I love mystery novels - the forensic/csi type.
4. I was once a radio dj [not paid, and with someone who knew how to work all the stuff...but I did talk "one the radio"!]
5. I've never really liked my name, but was always thankful that it wasn't Cornelia.
6. not NEW news, but I really love my coffee. a venti americano with cream. mmm.
7. I want to move to europe - holland. france. germany. italy. someday.

now, not too sure how the whole tagging thing works, nor am I sure if I know 7 other bloggers, but if I list your name here, then you're IT!

susan. erika. katrina. kirstin. see, I already ran out of people. GRRR! oh well.

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