Friday, May 11, 2007

fab five friday

okay, so me and my great ideas lead to nothingness. you would think I could do a top 5 list every week? dontcha? yeah - well I have no idea what I have done and not done so if this is a repeat...well I apologize in advance!

for today, my top fave five places to visit in italy!

1. san gimignano [yeah, top of the list - you'd better believe it baby!]
2. florence [no duh!]
3. the uffizi [the home of the godess!]
4. st. peter's [yes, rome IS on my list - just not the top!]
5. poggibonsi [just because of the name & the fun memories!!]

so my day may not have been filled with fab fun friday-ness...but I am liking my list! give me a holler [via comments] if you've been there & done that!

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