Monday, November 13, 2006

I hate being sick...

it hit like a punch in the gut yesterday afternoon and only now do I feel half-way normal. not too sure if it was the flu or that gingerbread latte just hated me, but either way, it wasn't pretty. I feel bad leaving my kids at school for yet another day, and turns out they were fairly awful for the sub, but that isn't my fault. I just need to remember that. ah, the angst & guilt felt by mothers and teachers. speaking of which, why it is 10 pm and my kids are still awake??? grrr. that's what happens when nate falls asleep in the car!

speaking of which, I tried taking some pics of the boys this weekend; I'd like to get a christmas picture happening! it always happens that someone isn't smiling or doesn't looking at the camera.

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