Monday, August 17, 2009

with a cherry on top

so, I've been feeling really out of sorts this last bit. I've blamed it on too much family time [the love-hate relationship of vacation!], not enough sleep, not enough booze, the time change, the weather...I even commented to john last week when I was all weepy and weird, the I thought I may be pregnant. THAT'S how out of sorts I was. just cranky. did it occur to me that I was pms'ing? no! that was still a week away! yeah. it explains EVERYTHING [and so no, not pregnant!]. needless to say, while on vacation, I've been going to weight watchers meetings. in the US. in oroville. I tell ya, they are the NICEST people. some lady gave me a cucumber from her garden tonight! such a small gathering, but I was totally inspired. last week and again tonight. last week I was down .4 and this week down .2 - not too bad considering the above confession...and being on vacation! not to mention, I normally have a 3-4lb span between am and pm. in edmonton, I go to a morning meeting. here, it was 5pm. if I haven't kicked some ass when I weigh in at home, I'll be surprised. anyways, that's the story.

tonight I am sitting an enjoying the heat. and some cherries. and a glass of gehringer bros. merlot. life is good.

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susan said...

I know this is a very late comment but I found it funny that you said "not enough booze" when all your holiday status' (facebook) seemed to be of some sort of wine you were drinking. Is wine not considered booze? Grape juice right? That's all it is!