Saturday, February 27, 2010

one week and counting

thoughts on this week:
1. I am okay.
2. I can handle a week of high stress.
3. I love teachers convention.
4. it was really great running into some old friends.
5. I am happy that our new house now has a roof and windows.

6. ty is the only one in this house that loves my pumpkin muffins as much as I do.
7. I threw a perfectly good cupcake in the garbage today.
8. I was down 2.8 today.
9. I really wish my belly liked quinoa.
10. the things I do with my life have an impact - I can choose if it's good or bad.
11. I like seeing my name on my door every morning.

12. I really like that one of my kids went to starbucks for me at lunch the other day.

13. I am so thankful that the days are getting longer. I can roll up to school at 7:15 and it's light already!

14. I think the olympics have rocked this year. and yes, I am biased. GO CANADA!

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