Tuesday, April 27, 2010


okay, I've missed you, my dear blog. I have been busy - both physically and emotionally. I've come home at the end of my days absolutely drained, only to have to clean the house, pack up the kids for another showing...almost every night for the last month. today, things have turned a bit. I feel that I can breath. the house is in pending, three weeks until we are out of here, the new house is a month ahead of schedule. sigh. there is so much more to this story - one that takes place over a cup of coffee and not in a public forum. regardless, dear blog, I am going to make this up to you. I am going to post everyday for the next three weeks. everyday until the may long weekend. that is the goal. and soon, we will be friends again.

Nate - playing with sticks! and Ty, chillin' after his piano solo!

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