Wednesday, July 16, 2014


it's going down, I'm yelling timber
you better move, you better dance
let's make a night you won't remember
I'll be the one you won't forget

this song has been stuck in my head for weeks, along side all the other things that are having issues exiting my really full brain.  two weeks in, on summer vacation and finally I feel just a bit ready to have conversations with adults and not stumble all over my words.  that said, it's been WAY TOO LONG since I last blogged and I've missed it.  that said, since my business is all over the social media world, I'm pretty sure some of you get a ton of over kill from me.  and if you're not following me on instagram or twitter or the old book of faces, seriously, add me.  I like new friends!!

since my last blog post was from the beginning of May and it's now mid-July, I think this post is going to be a catch-up list.  ten weeks is a long time to be gone.  and thinking back on it, a lot has happened in that time.

1.  both hockey and soccer wrapped up.  HAHAHA!  yeah, in my wildest dreams!  apparently I have a second home at the rink and on the field.  I'm pretty sure we get a week off of all sports sometime really soon.  Ty's regular season wrapped up near the end of April, and then he did almost eight weeks of three on three and in there he played in a street hockey tournament.  right now he's in a once-a-week camp.  I'm pretty sure that we'll have a week off before tryouts start again.  soccer is almost the same, but we might actually get close to three weeks off between end of season play and tryouts for indoor.

2.  I bought a new car in June.  meet Barty.  he's a lovely new member of our family and I'm grateful that it all worked out the way we needed it to.  my old car was in some need of repair {pretty sure the entire cooling system needed an overhaul}, and after almost 8 years, I was kinda tired of shoving the hockey bag in my front seat and never trusting if it would overheat if I was stuck on the henday!  that said, he's a basic air {but there is heat...a bigger concern in this climate!}, nothing automatic about this bad boy.  all manual!  but I think I'm in love...

3.  we celebrated Ty's 9th birthday.  of course I had to birth a child in the middle of June.  poor kid has to compete with all the end-of-school-year stress and report cards and just generally, a cranky mother.  that said, we pulled of the easiest birthday party ever, and just had a bunch of kids hang out and play street hockey for a couple of hours.  Ty loved it and it was no work.  the best.  and most importantly, this one turned 9.  I don't want to speak too soon, because it's not even been a month, but we may have turned a bit of a corner with his attitude.  

4.  right after school let out, I went to vegas for a couple of days.  I know that vegas isn't your typical relaxing vacation, but it was for me.  I slept a ton.  read a ton.  and just hung out.  it was lovely!  plus, there was a first-time-evah trip to in-n-out.  it was worth the 40ish year wait.

5.  and then I came home to chaos.  swim lessons.  groceries.  laundry.  kids fighting.  hot weather.  an even hotter house.  all the things I love about summer.  I celebrated my birthday and have had lunch and coffee with a whole lot of people I don't see between spring break and summer break.  summer break is good for my mental health!

6.  on friday we leave for BC.  I'm so excited to get away and that John has a couple of weeks off work.  we need this time away as a family and being stuck in the car for 13 hours or so, will totally do the trick!  eeekkk.  that said, once we get there, it'll be two weeks of sun, heat, pools, lakes and lots of wine.  yippie!

I think I'm going to stop there for this morning.  I started this a couple of cups of coffee ago.  apparently I need to leave to get my roots filled in, in about an hour!! 

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