Saturday, October 06, 2007

turkey, telephones & thankful hearts

I am in charge of hosting dinner tomorrow. mmmm. not enough chairs, not enough dishes, but the fridge is full & the turkey is spending some time chillin' in the fridge. I made pies last night - 4 pumpkin & 1 cherry [for brother ben & rae!]...and yes, they are from scratch...especially the crust! then today I got the bright idea that I need yet another dessert, so I made a tiramisu type dessert thingy. should be yummy!

our telephone isn't working [so if anyone has tried to call...SORRY!]. I have been on the phone [cell phone, that is] for 2 hours listening to: our customer service representatives continue serving other customers. please remain on the line and your call will be answered as soon as possible, in the order it was received. your patience is appreciated. yeah...I have heard that message 3 times since I sat down at the computer. grrr. the worst part is that I have been on hold for 2 hours. do I continue holding, knowing my turn has to be coming up soon? or do I hang up and try again...only to go to the back of the line? grrr. I actually had to plug my phone back into the recharger...gotta LOVE that! and really, I just almost want john to come home so I can also be on hold from his phone and then see what is quicker! too bad my home phone just doesn't start working.

BUT, regardless, I am thankful for many things on this lovely thanksgiving saturday:
1. family [nate says to me today, "mom, I sure love our family" and I thought, "yeah, me too!"]
2. good friends [will not name everyone, but y'all know who you are!]
3. a job I love
4. all the opportunities that SU! has provided for me - even just in relationships.
5. a God who loves me regardless of all my crap
6. a house over my head [even if the phone is broken!]
7. a fridge full of food
8. a car
9. a brain that works most of the time [LOL]
10. health - mine, my family

what are you thankful for? canadian or not, it always puts things into perspective.

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