Friday, February 15, 2008

how I hate

being sick. I don't get sick like this super often, so when it hits, it's nasty. and somehow, with all the coughing [the dry, hacking, can't catch your breath type] I've strained my neck. grrr. and this afternoon, in the middle of class, I had a strange eye thing pupils decided not to adjust to the sunlight. crazy huge pupils, causing that sort of eye thing you get after going to the eye doctor and getting "THE" drops. just not cool. I went home early, then felt okay. this whole cold thing is just getting stupid. I am holding off taking some more meds, since I'd like to take my next dose closer to bed time...because tonight I NEED, NEED, NEED to sleep!

as far as the non-plan is going well. a good week of moderate, happy, guilt-free eating. kinda crazy how less stressed I feel about the whole more sneaking food, fueling the "last supper" mentality. it's all good.

and although I am sitting at my desk, hoping to create some lovely things with some lovely new things, I am thinking that I should be thinking about bed.

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