Sunday, August 31, 2008

corrections and thoughts...

okay, so I have made some mistakes in my last couple of posts:
1. in the book Pajama Time, the words to the little ditty are really: jamma, jamma, jamma, jamma, P! J! [trust me, i think I now have the whole book memorized!!]
2. contrary to what I said yesterday, I didn't read the whole book in one sitting - more like three quarters! regardless, I was re-reading both yesterday & friday's posts and I was confused. thought I'd set it all straight!

I figured out how to reverse the mirror image on photo booth, so here is yet another picture of me peering over some recent DS paper, upsy daisy stamp set & some in colours [all SU!]. aw shmuck. I can't get to load...will do tomorrow!

I've also been thinking lately about joy. as in joy vs. happiness. I am trying to sort out all my thoughts and usually writing here gets all the bugs out. well, not tonight. LOL just too many thoughts? who knows. regardless, it will have to wait.

happy labour day, chickies!!

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