Monday, September 01, 2008

first days

tomorrow is the start of a brand-new school year. I may be odd in a lot of ways, but I LOVE the first day. I became a teacher so that I could have "first days" every year. this year, however, my heart is torn. although it is my first day tomorrow, and I am excited to see all the kids and hear all their stories, it is also nate's first day on wednesday. I am feeling quite sad that I can't be with him on his first day of school. and really, maybe it's better for both of us that I am not. will john dress him in the right clothes? will he remember to take a picture? will nate like his class and his teacher? will he hate it? oh, I hope not! this whole thing is just such a new experience and emotions that I just didn't really anticipate. I haven't done my september calendar page yet because I want to scrap this...

still can't upload my cards from yesterday. grrr.

and, although you may be used to reading my lovely ramblings daily, that trend may be done...because as you all know, when september hits, I am often no where to be found! I have tried to set myself up with way less commitments this month, but because october is going to be extraordinarily busier than normal, I am trying to pre-prepare as much as possible! so, let's see if I can make a difference in my annual crawl-into-the-hole that is school and attempt to maintain some level of normal.

oh, 6 am comes to sleep!

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susan said...

I still can't believe Nate is going to school!! He'll probably love it!
As for the emotional part of it for you...this is a huge milestone and he's your first baby - I'll probably bawl my eyes out when Seth starts next week and that's PRE SCHOOL and for 2 mornings a week!! Pathetic!
Write a note for John and set out the camera...a picture can't be forgotten!!
I hope you enjoyed your first day too!