Monday, September 15, 2008

so sorry

so sorry friends, I've been on vacation. HAHAHA!!! yeah, not on your life!

I can't even say that it feels remotely like vacation. it feels like work. lots of work. speaking of work, that part of my life is pretty okay. it is challenging and interesting and busy and decent. and the rest of my life, well it's finding time to happen - with or without me. this week is looking quite like last week - UBER BUSY - with the exception of tomorrow night. this is a very-good-God-organized thing, I do believe. the season premier of house is on tomorrow. YIPPIE!!! that means I can stamp myself happy for 2 whole hours. YEEHAW! no seriously, this is what it's come to. tomorrow is the one day with no soccer, no commitments, no nothing. and then it all picks up from there into a whirlwind of crazed frasers! I mock my life, but it is full. and this week, I am not treading water. my feet are firmly planted at the bottom of the lake.

so, in light of all the changes in my/our lives, I bought myself a new toy. an iphone. let me explain [reason/excuse?]. in the last 2 weeks I have totally wanted to kill my wee pink razor. I loved that phone, I really did. then I started needing to text message more than one text every couple of days. on the wee razor, the numbers and letters all share keys. try having an in depth conversation with the mom of the boy that is boarding with you [who is also deaf]. yeah. I was ready to kill the sweet pink razor by friday afternoon. the friday afternoon where all hell broke loose and I was the one link of reason with a little, stupid phone in hand. ready. to. kill. so I went to visit my friends at the rogers store, because I really wanted a crackberry. turns out that would have cost me close to $600. yeah no. [or wait until december and live in texting hell until then] then, just as I was feeling all rejected by my cell phone guy, he says to me: "but you are eligible for the iphone". SHUT UP! no blackberry, but an iphone. so, instead of doing a dance of joy right there in the store, I put on my adult face and told him I would have to think about it. and I left. and then I went back, 2 days later. got the phone and have been in mac heaven ever since. LOVE. and texting, so darn easy. so simple. so elegant. it's all good. and, I did the responsible thing and sold my ipod touch. so, send me a text message. I dare ya. LOL

over & out friends, more in the life of cori in the days ahead. I promise.


Anonymous said...

i'm so freakin' jealous!!!

swandive_pixie said...

I love your scrapbook page with John & the kids!! Great photos!!