Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I hate that my life goes on auto pilot the second school starts. I am tired, cranky and generally not nice to be around. although I have worked hard to take away some stress, more keeps coming. so tonight I vent. nate is doing great with school, but he is SO tired when he gets home and "the grumpy dance" has been making a daily appearance. ty doesn't want to come inside, he just wants to ride his bike outside all the time. food, heck no. I'm three and I don't need to eat! then we gained another child - a 13 year old deaf boy who goes to alberta school for the deaf. he is living in steph's old office and I am SO not used to also scheduling a teenager and adding him into the mix that is our house! it's been awesome that steph has been helping out...she rocks, but I am the one on the phone trying to figure out bussing, school and all that! yeah. wow. and that's hot even school [which is wonderful, by the way]. and in the mix I just want to scream. I need a hair cut and John's job is driving me nuts. like over the bend. I wish we could afford for him to just quit. and I want to go for coffee with my friends, but I feel like I am a prisoner in my life - the kids need me to be home, John can't sign, nate is over tired and I am just going nuts. oddly enough, school is my reprieve. so sad. I know that "this too will pass", but I'd like to just not be the mom/wife/organizer/teacher/boss for the length of a pedicure. mmmm...maybe I'm on to something.

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