Saturday, November 28, 2009

'tis the season

eeekkkkk! is christmas closing in quickly or is it just me? why does it feel fast? and what the heck happened to november? although I am not complaining about the weather [it's be BEAUTIFUL here], maybe I'm complaining about the lack of snow [SHOCKING!]. here in the lovely alberta, we are accustom to it "feeling" like Christmas this time of year - the cold, the mountains of snow, how the lights look with the snow...there is NONE of that this year. it's dark. it's dreary. and it's fairly warm. like I said, I can live with the warm, but it's throwing my christmas spirit off big time! I have a huge christmas card thingy tomorrow, so I hope the combination of christmas cards, christmas music and the smell of mulled cider may just do the trick! and if it does work, perhaps I'll haul the tree upstairs and decorate.

and in other news...
if you're going to drink starbucks anyways, maybe you can make it count.

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