Saturday, September 17, 2011

take a chance on me

okay.  so 10 weeks or so ago, I wrote THIS.  my sexyback11 goals.  I set them.  and I set them high.  I should have reported on them a few weeks ago, but today I finally feel up for it.

short term goals?
1.  down 8lbs by my birthday.  less than four weeks.  EEEEEKKKKK!!!  I would LOVE to go into year 39 weighing less than I ever remember weighing in my adult life.  gonna move it, move it.  and string some solid efforts into some consistency.  NOPE.  I bounced all summer up two, down two.  and today, I weighed in at one pound up from the end of june.  no progress in this department, but I think it's because there was progress in other departments {see below!}.

2.  I am walking a half marathon with my mom and sister on august 21st.  we want to do a 10 minute km.  that's a 3.5 hour completion.  I would be happy with that.  YES!  and we did a 9:45 average kilometre.  WOOHOO!!!  and I am doing another half in December...

3.  and it's 12 weeks until labour day?  there's a skirt in my closet that I want to wear on the first day of school.  'nuff said.  it's a size 12.  NOPE.  but I wore a kick-ass dress on the first day of school that I looked and felt fabulous in.  and it was a size smaller than my usual.  all the walking did pay off, just not on the scale...

4.  I am going to take some "before" pictures, but they won't see the light of day until labour day.  then I'll post the before and after pics.  I promise.  NOPE.  took them.  having a bit of a day today.  breaking this promise.  I will, however post a picture of me from today.  my first ever full body self portrait that I've ever taken and feel okay about posting.  point is, I feel better about myself than I did at the beginning of all this.  forgive me?

{I'm not loving my hair today, but I'm liking the rest of me...okay, except the dumb look on my face.  HA!}

5.  and most importantly, I am going to book an appointment with my counsellor and start dealing with my stress a bit better.  I need help carrying this load.  and historically, that gets me into trouble.  you know, when I try to do it ALL on my own.  gonna try being proactive for once in my life.  yeah, nope.  I haven't had time to even go there.  in fact, I had forgotten altogether.  it could explain my wine consumption as of late.

see, not all is bad...

I have more...apparently my "I HAVE NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT!" is gone.  I'll save some for tomorrow, okay?

I've missed you too... :)

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