Thursday, June 16, 2011

tears and rain

looks like I need a kick in the pants.  I typically need lots of them.  so I'm linking up.  joining the movement.  becoming one of THEM.  ha!

the lovely mandy posted a comment the other day that resounded with me.  yes.  someone actually does comment occasionally!!  she said:  "Also, solid effort + solid effort + solid effort + solid effort = consistency. :)"

THAT makes sense.  she may not get the whole metric thing, but she's a smart girl.  sunday was a solid effort day.  monday was pretty decent too.  tuesday, not so much so.  wednesday's lunch included a donut. you get the picture.  so tomorrow, it's back to a solid effort.  'cause saturday is my weigh-in day.  and darn it all, I'd like to reach that elusive -10.

short term goals?
1.  down 8lbs by my birthday.  less than four weeks.  EEEEEKKKKK!!!  I would LOVE to go into year 39 weighing less than I ever remember weighing in my adult life.  gonna move it, move it.  and string some solid efforts into some consistency.

2.  I am walking a half marathon with my mom and sister on august 21st.  we want to do a 10 minute km.  that's a 3.5 hour completion.  I would be happy with that.

3.  and it's 12 weeks until labour day?  there's a skirt in my closet that I want to wear on the first day of school.  'nuff said.  it's a size 12.

4.  I am going to take some "before" pictures, but they won't see the light of day until labour day.  then I'll post the before and after pics.  I promise.

5.  and most importantly, I am going to book an appointment with my counsellor and start dealing with my stress a bit better.  I need help carrying this load.  and historically, that gets me into trouble.  you know, when I try to do it ALL on my own.  gonna try being proactive for once in my life.

oh, and on the whole comment thing, if anyone knows how to set up the comments on blogger so that I can comment back, HELP!!  otherwise, please know that I read them all and try to mention them in subsequent blog posts!!

I love you all for taking the time to read...even those who comment in their heads!!!


Michelle said...

Dropping by from Mandy's blog - run, Cori, run.
So I'm not running, but like you, I am trying to drop some pounds. Approaching 45 has made me realize gravity and years of bad habits are catching up. So if I can do it, (down 4 pounds in 4 weeks - slow but steady) I know you can too.

Anonymous said...

So...I think it goes something like this, "RUN CORI RUUUN!"

Don't hurt me...Mandy told me to ;)

Congrats on your weight loss and keep it up!

Frances said...

I love that your blog is "wildly, but forgivably Canadian" lol. But i definitely agree with the solid effort= consistency thing. My efforts have not been all that solid or consistent as of late, and i have less excuses than you (no end of school year stress here...well maybe some, but for opposite reasons ;)
If you are looking for an accountability partner, let me know. I know I could use one who is close enough, to actually come and literally kick me in the butt.