Wednesday, June 01, 2011

twist the knife

lots of miscellaneous tonight.  the last post was a tad heavy.  this one, well hopefully not so much!

1.  LOVE this picture!  that's my boy --- in action!  it's been a tough, tough week.  John is on days {7am to 7pm} and so I am ON.  getting the boys up and dressed and out of the house.  work all day.  pick up the kids.  feed the kids.  get them to soccer.  I am SO tired.  one more day!

2.  I've been avoiding posting this week because I know that I need to fix my intake/inhaling of food that has mysteriously occurred over the last few days.  no seriously.  so starting tomorrow, I'm challenging myself to a 2.5 week no-sugar/low carbs challenge.  from tomorrow until june 17th.  so what's that?  16 days?  yeah.  I've totally over done it in the last 48 hours and I feel like shit.  and it started after I walked the other night.  on monday night I went for a walk and I did 7.5km.  by myself.  and I felt good.  and motivated.  and it's all fallen apart since then!  so tomorrow, I start again.  and YOU are my accountablilty.  I'll keep you posted on my daily progress, because I know I am going to have a big fat headache tomorrow.  yippie.

3.  and when all is said and done, I am really hoping that my mom-in-law will take the boys on friday night {yes, overnight} because I am too exhausted to even think.  it's been a terribly emotional week {kid stuff happening at school...} and I need to refill me.  I need to go to the market alone on saturday.  I need a night out with my husband on friday night.  I need to nap.  and finish my book.  and be refreshed before I tackle the last 3 weeks of school.

good times!

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