Sunday, June 26, 2011


the home stretch.  the end.  it's totally in sight.  it's been a long, difficult year - but rewarding.  my profession is a difficult one.  emotional.  draining.  lots of payout with sometimes little in return.  but as I was watching my all time favourite tv show {friday night lights} last night, I realized that all the sacrifice and hard work is worth it.

I do this job for kids who do not have parents that care.  for kids who feel unheard.  for kids that don't have an advocate.  for kids that struggle.  and sometimes I lose sight of that.  I wish I could insert my favourite tami taylor teacher moment here.  she's my new hero.  and I am glad that for once, a tv show is portraying my profession in a realistic way.  if you've watched season 5, you'll know what I'm talking about.  but the whole story arc between tami and epyck is something I totally get.

I started this post on wednesday last week already, but I've been too tired to sit down and finish it.  even as I sit here tonight, my entire train of thought has been lost.  regardless, I think you get the point.  maybe.

so I chickened out of weight watchers yesterday.  I don't do that often, but I didn't have the heart to pay money, only to be told I was up 2lbs.  you heard me.  up.  grrr.  totally my fault.  but still.  so today, I walked 13 km {some 8+ miles!!} and had two hours to have a little chat with myself about why and how I sabotage myself.  I didn't come up with any answers, but I am reminded about my inability to deal with stress.  and last week {okay, so the last two weeks} has been up there in the stress department.  I can't say no to sweets, sugar, ice cream, yummy-gooey-happy-chocolatey things when I am too tired and stressed to think.  so this week, I am going to try again, but with a plan.  get back to my walking {the weather is suppose to be nicer}, be in bed before 11pm and avoid sugar.  it's a plan that works.  but it's a plan that means that I need to pack my lunches.  it's a plan that requires work, and planning.  and it's a plan that requires sleep.

that said, I'm going to fold some laundry and get to it.  those two pounds that I gained are all in serious bloat, so they had better be gone, and more, soon.


MikeH said...

In four days, you'll have two months. :)

mandy said...

I like how your blog reads like a journal -- a real journal...

And I also like that you watch Friday Night Lights!