Sunday, June 19, 2011

daddy's eyes

1.  happy father's day.  you know, to all those fathers who read my blog.  I fall into the fortunate.  I have an amazing dad and so do my kids.  I am incredibly grateful for that.

2.  although I did not go to weight watchers on saturday, I did step on a scale.  and I was down a whopper of a pound.  it brings me to -10.  I am happy.

3.  it was ty's birthday on saturday.  my baby is 6.  it was a crazy day.  our outdoor ball hockey party was forced indoors due to the rain.  I'll post some pictures this week, but we ended up moving the party into the shipping/receiving area of my dad's bakery and it was AWESOME!  the kids had so much fun.  I was exhausted, but it was totally worth it.

4.  I continue to have an incredible amount of work to do this week.  I did nothing this weekend.  and I will pay the price tomorrow.  sigh.

5.  and I'm watching 'letters to juliet' right now.  because I love italy.  and I'm procrastinating.  like always.

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I've never seen 'letters to juliet' but now i want to...