Monday, June 06, 2011


well, THAT was a disaster!  and I am fighting the old feelings of failure and defeat.  but like I told ty during a soccer game last week, "you need to fight back by getting in the game and scoring some goals".  and this was after he got pushed by another kid on the other team.  and this is me talking myself down of the ledge of "throwing in the towel".  my usual m.o. is to just quit everything because I had a couple of bad days.  but dude.  I need to take my own advice and just get back in the game.  today, I just stuck to my points and gave up on the sugar thing.  fighting this sugar battle during a high stress + pms week is just not honouring my body.  or my mind.  so today I just tracked everything.  and I am not going to throw in the towel, I am just going to get up and try again tomorrow.  and that in and of itself is a victory.  the psychological hurdles are so much higher than the physical ones.  and I need to focus on the positive - like I went into a store today and bought a dress {yeah, I know.  a dress}.  and I bought a large.  not an extra large.  a large at a regular store.  and a medium cardie.  I didn't even look at the size until I got home.  and it says medium.  so yes, I "perhaps" have had a rough go with cutting out sugar. but tonight I'm going to celebrate the successes.  with a cinnamon bun.  'cause a carrot stick just doesn't cut it!!  {and every bit of those 8 points was worth it!}

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