Wednesday, June 15, 2011

fight outta you

we're in the final stretch, boys and girls.  I may not have any motivation.  I may have a kid with a birthday on saturday.  I may have 27 IPPs to complete by friday {individual program plans - one each for the kids in my class} and I just may have report cards to write.  that said, two weeks from today, the kids will be gone for the summer.  but it is the final stretch.  I can do this, right?

but at what expense?  I am going to be spending my summer making it up to my kids.  making cookies instead of buying them.  cooking food instead of mcdonalds {for a kid} and sushi {for the mom}.  I'm going to spend 13 hours in the car with them so that we can go to our favourite vacation spot and create some new memories.  I'm going to turn the phone off and take off my watch.  and invest in my kids.  I'm not good at this, at this time of year.  it sucks when your mom is a teacher.  and she can't go to the kid-who-got-an-award + parent special pizza lunch.  and she can't come on the last day of school to help you pack up your desk and drive your stuff home.  but on the flip side, she's too tired to care that you're up and riding your bike at 9 pm every night in june!!

so yes, it's busy. and yes, I'm not winning any awards in the "best mom" category.  but there are only two more weeks.  and they are learning how to just hold on for the ride!

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