Tuesday, March 13, 2012

once in a lifetime

so I've been avoiding blogging lately.  not because I don't have anything to say, but because there seems to be too much to say.  between teachers convention at the beginning of this month {I'll get to that!} to lent {I suck at this} to school stresses {nothing new, just more} to this whole kony2012 business...well, my head has been full!

so.  teachers convention.  well, for once, it was good.  it's always good - in a social, let's visit and do lunch kind of way.  however, the sessions usually suck.  and this year, they didn't.  thursday morning opened with romeo dallaire speaking.  now, I have heard him speak before, so there weren't any real surprises, but it was good to hear his message again.  there is a quote of his that I have hanging in my classroom:  "are all humans human?...or are some humans more human than others".  I have this hanging in my classroom for a couple of reasons, but mainly it's to remind me daily to treat the kids I teach with dignity and respect.  always.  and when push comes to shove they are the only way I get to change my world {okay, that and the two I own!}.  and I want them to leave my classroom at the end of the time there and know that regardless of their disabilities, that they are as human as anyone else.

and then this kony2012 thing exploded and I watched it.  and shared it.

and here's my thought:  people are talking.  they may not know what to do, but a disconnect is happening.  and through a disconnect comes change.  and although I am not an advocate of war, I am an advocate of standing up for human rights.  and I'm not talking about the ridiculous complaints that we complain about in our crazy rich province, but for the basic human rights of ALL human beings.  the right to clean water.  the right to safety.  the right to protect your children.  the right to let your children play outside without the threat of kidnapping or rape.  it's a reality for so many mom's on this planet.  and quite frankly, it's not fair.  and I'm not just talking north-ish africa, but I'm talking about the little girls sold into the sex trade in asia.  the indentured slaves in india.  and about the boys in afghanistan trained as suicide bombers.  it's not just an africa problem.  it's a world problem.  and maybe it's the cause du jour.  or maybe we have let this all happen because it's easier.  it's easy to isolate.  it's easy not to open our eyes to the plight of the world.  it's super easy.  and it's wrong.  if there is anything {in my opinion} that has come out of the twitter, facebook and blog EXPLOSION in the last week, is that people are talking about africa.  a continent that gives us little to no resources.  a continent that has no economic influence on our western economies.  but a continent full of human beings - as broken and hurting as we are on the other side of the world.

okay.  I'm gonna stop {for real...like right after I make this point!}.  the question is what do we do?  it's good to be in the know, but my issue has always been wondering where to go with the information I have.  it's one thing to be ignorant, but it's another thing to be in the know, then do nothing with the information.  and now, we're all in the know.  and this is the time to do something.  when I was first faced with all of this info, I read everything I could get my hands on - everything on rwanda.  everything on the lost boys of the sudan.  everything on the plight of aids in africa.  EVERYTHING!  {go hard or go home right??}  and then I got a world vision kid that lives in rwanda.  and I support an organization called IJM that works to end modern day slavery. and I work to live out justice in my everyday life.  that's what works for me.  is this kony thing perfect?  no.  am I doing enough?  probably not.  am I doing more today with the knowledge I have than I was before?  I hope so.

okay.  I'm really going to stop.  ha!  and I'm going to leave you with a quote I found today {and maybe I posted it elsewhere...!}:

"Go now to make a difference in this perilous and broken world.
  May you all hold each human life in the same regard as your own.
  May you bring serenity and peace to the lives of others.
  May God's Loving Spirit go with you and guide you this day and always.
- Convocation Benediction Given by The Rev. Brian Yealland,
  Queen's University, 30 October 2003.

and be the change you want to see in your world {maybe ghandi said that...}.  change the world with you dollars.  and your voice.  and your passion for peace and justice.

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