Saturday, March 31, 2012

too close

SICK SUCKS!  okay, I am officially a whiner.  I don't get sick often, but when I do, I forget that the sun doesn't rise or set for me.  my world doesn't stop, or slow down when I'm sick.  full pace.  all day long!!  my lovely children were amazing this morning.  they were up at 8 and they let me sleep until 10.  and they made their own breakfast:  popcorn and fibre one bars.  I can live with that in exchange for two extra hours of sleep.

sick or not, that didn't stop me from from getting on the longboard last night.  I need to buy myself a longboard.  there is seriously no feeling like it.  just the pavement, the wind and the board.  it's amazing.

 {it honestly doesn't even look like I'm riding down the road.  but I am.  trust me.}

 {the open road}

who would have thought that learning to ride a longboard at 39 would be my thing?  not me.  I may need to invest in a new pair of shoes...'cause I sure don't really rock the skater image!  maybe that's putting the cart before the horse since I'm still using a borrowed board.

and then this morning, in the quest of the perfect americano, the kids and I went with a friend to a new cafe - wild earth cafe.  although my cold-enhanced-wonky taste buds are not in their finest form, it was a good, good americano.  when this beast leaves my chest, I'll have to go back to confirm!  half a cinnamon bun was all I could muster.  and yes, I know, it's not gluten-free.  it's hard when I eat out to find stuff that fits the gluten-free lifestyle.  that and I don't get deathly ill when I eat wheat in the morning.  I'm still playing with all of this.  sigh.  the coffee was great.

and then just like that, the week is over.  and I feel like it hasn't even really been a week off.  yeah.  I'm whining again.  I'll stop.

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