Thursday, November 15, 2012

five minute friday: stay

it's friday somewhere, right?

gonna try something new tonight.  a bit of a writing challenge.  yippie!!!  go HERE to get all the deets and join, if you want!  {I'll also put the badge over to the right when I get a moment!}

so the topic is STAY


I've tried to run away from home.  more than once.  and not when I was a, as a full-blown adult.  I had a plan.  I had a motive, means and opportunity.  I was packed and ready to run.  and maybe part of my heart did run away, but physically I stayed.  I wish all of me had stayed, in hindsight. I'm still chasing down that piece of me that left on that cold, lonely night.

we give our hearts away so readily when all we're do is to stay.  to be still.  to be quiet.  to listen.  to watch.

I talk too much.  I give too much.  I share too much.

stay.  be still.

being alone and being lonely.  these often drive me into motion.

a restless, discontented heart.  disquieted by the status quo, yet asked to stay.  to be still.  to listen.  I am the kite flowing in the wind, just begging for someone to ground me.  to hold on.  to keep me close.  to envelope my heart and soul.  to stay with me.  to be with me.  to quiet my soul.

I have learned to stay.  and I am learning that a wild soul knows how to find rest in a world that is restless.



EJ Reading said...

So glad you joined us!

"I wish all of me had stayed, in hindsight." I wish that too, about so many times in my life. I wish I had stayed til the end, instead of mentally moving on before I left. I wish I had stayed whole-heartedly even though I wanted to run.

Thanks for writing.

Fiona said...

wow - really loved this, especially the last part....'learning that a wild soul knows how to find rest in a world that is restless'.

Denise said...

I like this very much.

Linda Stoll said...

... absolutely love that you post your picture upside down! oh so fun and certainly eye-catching!

Julie Griffin said...

no lie, your upside down picture made me click on you! I loved the way you wrote this - so honest. I can relate to physically staying put while a part of you has run away, and how troubling a time that can be. great post! have a wonderful day!

Amy said...

Wow, these are the words I absolutely needed to here at this exact moment. Thank you for being faithful to put out here what was in your heart and mind. You have turned my day around. (Let's hope it sticks.). So thankful you tried out FMF.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! You have a wonderful way with words. I also love the idea of a 5 minute no holds barred writing session. I think I may try it too - although you are much braver than I am. I am not sure I could share it out loud yet!
Thank you for sharing!
Erin Chenier