Thursday, June 13, 2013

up all night

I drank coffee WAY late tonight.  so I'm still awake.  watching the voice.  PLEASE don't tell me who went home this week.  I'm not staying up for that tonight.  I don't even have anything significant to write about.  I just want to be tired!

so, just a few things:
1.  there are 11 more teaching days.
2.  my baby turns 8 in just 5 more sleeps.
3.  10 more days of this whole30.
4.  16 sleeps until we're on a plane to california.
5.  I'm pretty sure I drank 4 cups of coffee today.
6.  I think I need to sit at the piano tomorrow and work out my stress.
7.  I don't like tornados.  and I wish if they were going to head our direction that they wouldn't show up during school hours.  I'm glad that it didn't touch down.
8.  I'm done with the rain.
9.  I baked 46 cupcakes tonight.  tomorrow I ice them.
10.  why do I do lists of 10?  it feels so blah.
11.  I am ridiculously emotionally overwhelmed right now.
12.  this too will pass.

so this is what I choose today:

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