Sunday, May 26, 2013

dust bowl dance

so I have a revolving list.  a list of people I'd like to coffee with, you know, in my dreamland of an imagination because we all know the likelihood for most of these names meeting me for coffee is slim to none.  sigh.  but a girl can dream, right?  it changes frequently, but here's my list as of right now.

1.  dave grohl
2.  ben harper
3.  chris hadfield
4.  romeo dallaire
5.  the keyboard player from mumford & sons, ben lovett
6.  RDJ
7.  connie britton, y'all.
8.  my friend emily, in england
9.  clinton kelly
10.  tim hughes
11.  pete wilson
12.  kathy reichs
13.  bryce courtenay - bryce passed away last fall and I am saving his last book for summer vacation.  I'll drink a lot of coffee when I read it and raise a glass to this phenomenal author.

I could probably do a top 20, if I really thought about it.  lots of musicians on my list.  some actors.  some writers.  some pretty interesting canadians.  a good friend, that I've never met in real life.  and the ever fabulous clinton kelly.  it's a good list.  john's #1 is mohammed ali.  good choice, john fraser.

who is on your list?

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