Thursday, May 23, 2013

ghosts that we knew

it's been an interesting week.  I've been off work since last week friday.  the kids and I had a four day weekend.  yeah queen victoria!  so glad we could honour you every may!  then I had some time coming so I took four days off this week.  it's not really like me to pull a full-stop mid year, but I did.  and wow.  I've needed it more than I knew.  it's been refreshing.  and timely.  I am grateful for it.  so I've been busy!  I love puttering around the house, finishing projects.  tomorrow I'm on laundry room re-sort duty.  fun, I know!  okay, and I apologize...these are out of order.

{so nate's room has been unfinished for almost 3 years.  finally I painted a big chalkboard scoreboard on his wall.  I moved his bed and I finished up with all his sports words.  it went from being 60% finished to 95% finished.  I can't wait to actually use some chalk on it tomorrow.}

{new shelf, and all the words that I put up...}

{now ty's room, on the other hand, has been at the 80% done for almost 3 years.  he's been collecting corks for a long time now and I had told him that I'd make a cork wall for him.  well then, thanks to pintrest, I got the bright idea to do a shape out of corks and since he loves music and his room has a music theme going on, I traced a guitar on the wall and got the glue gun out.  good times!!}

{and then there was the mumford & sons concert last night.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.}

{this pictured doesn't do it justice.  they moved to a back stage for two songs at the end of the show and it was right in front of us.  yeah for us!  I love mumford & sons and this concert did not disappoint.  and I loved the keyboard player.  holy rock star keys, batman.  I want to grow up and be a rockstar.}

{okay, back to the cork guitar.  finished.  I love it.  LOVE.  and ty was sooooo happy.}

{then today, imagine dragons did a free, two song session at the mall.  my boys are big fans so I pulled them out of school for the afternoon and we parked our asses at the mall and waited over an hour for a 10 minute set.  totally worth it.  we had a great spot and the boys loved it.}

{and now we're listening to a ton of imagine dragons in the car and they sing along to all the songs with the liner notes in hand so that they actually sing the correct words.  love that too.}



man, I'm loving a lot of things.

but tomorrow.  tomorrow the crazy begins.  change is stirring.  moving.  blowing in with the wind.  and I need to embrace, and not fear.  I am not in control.  yet in control of my reactions.  the person in me that despises change wants to each chocolate and drink bourbon.  and not feel the anxiety building in my worried head.  yet that has never worked for me.  so today, and especially tomorrow, I am choosing to do something different.  I'm choosing to be grateful.  I am choosing to celebrate.  I am choosing to be different.  and I'm going to punch that bossy, little jillian michaels in the effin' face while I'm taking it to the mat with her for the next 30 days.  bring it on, missy.  the 30 day shred beat me when I did it in January, but it's not going to beat me this time.  and all that anxiety, and stress that this time of year brings is going to get taken down.  I am choosing a different path.  it's time to lead from the front.

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