Sunday, May 05, 2013

round and round

so, still nothing profound to say.  HOWEVER, I made a super yummy dinner tonight and a couple of people want the recipe.  if you could call it that...

my thai inspired turkey lettuce wraps.  {inspired by this post}

1.  saute some shredded carrots and some green onions {I did 4 stalks of green onions and 2 cups of carrots} in olive oil.

2.  cook some ground turkey.  {I used a big pot to do my veg in, and then added my ground turkey.  two of the costco packages.}

3.  season it with salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and coconut aminos {or in the case of all you non-paleo eaters, soy sauce!}

4.  add a can of drained water chestnuts.

5.  prep your lettuce.  you need to get the old fashioned head of lettuce and break the pieces off, ever so gently.  wash & dry.

6.  make some kick-ass sauce.  1 part regular olive oil, 1 part chipotle infused olive oil, 1 part coconut aminos {or soy sauce}, 2 parts almond butter {or peanut butter} and some garlic.  shake the heck out of  it.  and add more olive oil if it's too chunky or thick.  and if you don't have any of my special olive oil, just add some red pepper flakes or something like that!!

7.  assemble.  and pack some for tomorrow's lunch.

seriously, THAT easy.  and now you understand why I'll never be a food/recipe blogger!!!

my biggest eating issue right now is that I'm getting bored of some of my usual flavours.  and the seasons are changing so I'm craving lighter foods.  these totally cut it.  plus, I have some salmon in my fridge and tomorrow I'm going to create a fish taco using lettuce.  'cause I can.  this whole eating plan has been going well, over all.  I have one treat meal a week and the rest of the time I'm following mainly whole30 guidelines.  but my brain and my taste buds are telling me to switch it up a bit, so I'm gonna listen!

and then I started walking this weekend.  yesterday's 2.95k was pretty decent.  today's 7k was awful.  the heat and the sun just about killed me.  and apparently, starting off a week with almost 10k on my shoes...WHEN I HAVEN'T LOGGED A WALK IN A stupid.  I nearly puked.  and fainted.  yeah.  good thing my mom is such a supportive walking partner!  I have my work cut out for me.  there's a half marathon with my name on it in August and I'm out for a PR.  I almost look happy in this picture - that's because it was last night and NOT today!!

anyways, that's what I'm up to these days.  how are y'all doing?

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