Tuesday, February 25, 2014

home sweet home

it's been almost two months since I last blogged.  well, that's not entirely true.  I have some posts loitering in my drafts section!  I feel like I've lost my writing mojo.  and I'm paying the emotional price for it.  writing is my way of dealing with my world.  when I don't write, I don't process well.  when I don't process well, things start spiralling.  and when things are spinning, I don't write.  see the problem?  I think that the issue in my world is the noise.  "busy" can be a huge excuse, but busy and noisy in combination becomes stifling.    

I don't even feel like I have anything important to say.  which is kinda bull shit, I suppose.  maybe I need to just ease into things with a list.  I like lists.

1.  what the heck happened to february??  this is where busy takes over my world.  hockey.  soccer.  work.  home.  I love watching my kids play their games, but the schedule has been a tad busy for the last few weeks!  we're on the tail end.  hockey playoffs are in two weeks; soccer provincials are at the end of march.  

2.  parenting the 8 year old has been enormously challenging as of late.  I love how he reflects my own insecurities and takes unintentional advantage of my emotional chaos.  my favourite was when he said that HIS dad deserved a nicer wife.  ha!  he is my mirror.  I hate that.  sigh.

3.  some shout out to the beatles.  just 'cause.  have you been playing along with #funshirtfriday ?  WHY THE HECK NOT!!  pull out that beatles t-shirt and have some fun on friday.

4.  my one word necklace showed up.  I love it.  go check out Lisa's blog.  her stuff rocks.

5.  the lego movie.  need I say more?  everything IS awesome!

6.  Ty has been obsessed with learning how to play the piano as of late.  he's been learning how to play chords.  he's figuring out that every scale has chords that complement each other and how they work together to create a song.  o when the saints.  house of the rising sun.  swing low, sweet chariot.  good tunes.  he makes me smile.

7.  and then there was more hockey.  this is why I show up.  that smile.  that love of the game.

8.  then there were the olympics.  I'm in withdrawal.  we did a lot of cheering at school!  I love my country and love hearing our anthem when the flag rises!

9.  this was my book list in January.  I got distracted by the divergent series; I read all three books in two weeks flat!  then I got distracted by a stack of professional reading.  so my stack just sits, with the book on top revolving!  I miss just sitting and getting lost in a good mystery.

10.  we got a new bed in January.  it's more of a new-to-us bed, but I now understand why people don't want to get out of bed in the morning.  I'm sure new bedding helped, but "comfy-cozy" are the words the kids use!  and both of them can climb in and I don't even notice.  LOVE THAT!

11.  I feel like a list is a bit of a cop out, but it is what it is, right?  just because I'm not exposing all my deepest, darkest thoughts, it doesn't devalue the ordinary.  the ordinary isn't what's making the noise in my life, but it, coupled with the noise is creating a contained bomb that is dying to explode.  containment or disarming perhaps, is currently the name of my game.

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