Wednesday, May 06, 2015

did you hear the rain?


we try not to tiptoe around it.  we try not to cave to it.  we try not to fuel it's fire.

but I do.  I bow to its power.  I let it run free.

and then some days we talk.  we hash it out.   and love on each other.

these days.  these days I get to carry the burden.  these days he trusts me.  calls me mama.  knows that I would take this dragon that lives and breaths and fight it everyday if that would help.

alas, it's ultimately his battle.


the dragon.

today, I tiptoed.  I snuck up behind it.  I hugged it fiercely, when it wanted to roar.  I won.  it slowly quieted.  tonight it's letting my sweet son sleep.  tonight I loved the heck out of it.  and tonight I won.

it's ultimately his battle.

for now, I fight beside him.  it's part of him.  the son I love.

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