Friday, August 10, 2007

books I read...

on my vacation!

1. peppermint filled pinatas [eric bryant]
2. a mighty heart [mariane pearl]
3. three cups of tea [greg mortenson]

I've been having a bit of a wanderous brain as of late, wondering how all of my life makes sense in the bigger, global scheme of things. I have had an interesting journey the last few months, and I believe that nothing happens without purpose. as a result, I have to trust that I am hearing the voice that I know I am - the Voice. the one that made me. the one that calls me. unconnected on the surface, but very interconnected beneath the surface. does that make any sense?

event #1 - changing classes for next year & applying for the epsb leadership course [mmmm, I should know about that soon, being that it is almost mid-august!]
event #2 - not going to convention
event #3 - going to LA with erika
event #4 - reading some pretty thought provoking ideas
event #5 - heading to washington to meet jules & jess in winthrop
and connect all of these with relationships [new & established]: susan, erika, yvonne, katrina, audra, jules, jess, mom, joy. relationships with strong, wonderful women who have surrounded me with support and friendship in ways I never thought possible. and even now, as I sit here, I know I have left names off the list. not intentionally. I really could keep going...but then I would really miss someone!

I am rambling. mainly because I have yet to put all of this together. what is my legacy. what kind of world will I leave for my children. what story does my life have to tell? I was created for a greater purpose and I am trying to just listen to the Voice that guides me. the Voice that loves me. the Voice that sees me as the woman He created me to be.

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