Friday, August 10, 2007

so much stuff!

so, the trip. driving with 2 kids stuck in car seats...not much fun! okay, so I lie. there were fun parts. seeing a big animal with mondo-huge antlers [super cool!]. conversations about animals that live in the mountains [are there llamas in the rocky mountains...nate is wondering!]. stopping at every tim horton's for coffee and timbits [fun the first 5 times until nate had a meltdown over the colour of his timbits]. the non-stop screaming between kelowna and penticton with NO PLACE TO PULL OVER [not such a fun moment!]. considering we had them locked into car seats for 10+ hours at a time, they did pretty well!

the resort in osoyoos was BEAUTIFUL and hot and all things wonderful! there were 2 days where there was a bit of wind and temps were at 30 degrees, but for the most part it was 35. our room faced the super wonderful. every morning we went out [to the beach, the amusement park, a vineyard] and in the afternoon, while ty napped, one of us took nate out [usually it was john taking him to the pool!]. then it was an early supper, then off to the pool again. great fun for all of us, especially after we got the kids some tubes and goggles! then, after the kids were in bed every night, we sat on the balcony with a glass of wine & just enjoyed the view. the best vacation ever!

I have more to tell, but that will have to wait. ty is waking from his nap!

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