Friday, August 17, 2007


normally I love friday. last day of the work week. beginning of the weekend. you know, the same reasons you all love friday too! yeah, not this friday. this friday is counting down the days until I go BACK to work. only 2 more blissful fridays. good times.

I am feeling slightly overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things I did not get done this summer. there is no way I can get all these things done in 2 weeks. not with a classroom in complete disarray. not with another week of swimming lessons. alas, does it really matter? nah. unsent emails. unmade phone calls. unpainted walls. uncleaned cupboards. nah.

question is, what did I do this summer? hung out with friends. hung out with the kids. drank lots of wine. shopped. stamped. all the fun stuff!

I am making some cards and things for the market. I will take some pics and post!

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