Sunday, September 23, 2007

can you tell I am avoiding work?

yeah, so I bring a crap load of school work home with me on the weekend. it is almost 9pm on sunday night and I have not touched any of it. grrr.

on the other hand...
1. I helped amy write an essay on a really bad margaret laurence story

2. I started my new kathy reichs' book [ashes to bones...takes place in lovely montreal!]

3. I watched the premiere episode of what could potentially replace my defunct oc...gossip girl!

4. I am currently waiting for some other season premiers to watch & order: svu and cold case. ahhh...the fun with my vcr begins again!

5. I made some cards, went shopping, bought groceries, did laundry, washed the floors & dusted.

really, not too bad for a weekend! next kid pics!

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