Sunday, September 02, 2007

I get knocked down, I get up again... can sing the rest of the song.

Today's post: more of a list.

1. I never realized how overwhelming starting school could be. I am always super organized and over the top ready. yeah. not so much this year. I feel like I am wading into no-man's-land with this whole junior high business.

2. church today. we tried something new. we liked. something to ponder, that's for sure.

3. stepped on a scale today. EEEEEEKKKKKK!!! yeah, my clothes had been indicating a bit of an issue, but the scale confirmed the truth. I am NOT a happy camper. AT ALL. I have a bit of a plan though: this week, I am going to track all my calories and drink all my water. 2 very manageable things for me to do, in light of this being the first week back at school. I am tired of all the excuses. tired of all the crap that I feed myself, as far as hate mail in my head. enough is enough already. I am planning to be 8-10lbs lighter by october 1st. anyone with me???

4. read a good book this week. a long walk home by liane faulder. totally worth the read, and although amazon is listing it as not released, it was released this week. you can also pick it up locally at audrey's books. paul [the subject of the book!] has also started up a charity [naap]; john and I are going to see rick mercer next sunday in support of the charity. I am totally stoked!

5. I won $40 some bucks playing the nickle slots at the river cree casino on friday night. good times.

and that's mind is a bit warbbled!

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susan santos said...

Looking forward to hearing about your "something new" in regards to church.

And as much as I hate the weight game...I'm with ya for those 8-10 lbs!!

See you tomorrow...brunch will NOT be low fat...sorry. Can we start Tuesday?? :-)