Monday, March 24, 2008

little effort, great reward

so in an effort to be a better mom, the boys and I went on an adventure this morning. after the night we had last night [no one really slept for any significant length of time], my big plan was to lay low and not leave the house [then I wouldn't really need to shower, dress, put contacts in...]. but because I am working harder to set my kids up for behavioural success, I got up and fed them a decent breakfast [cheerios and milk - way better than the chocolate breakfast of yesterday!] and we decided we needed to go on an adventure. so, rubber boots on our feet, sunglasses intact, hoodies on our heads, we set out for the iga [yes, I know, it's only 4 blocks away!!]. okay, so this wasn't a big adventure, but considering it is often just easier to stay home and not meet the day, it was a "sorta" adventure! ty wore my sunglasses and found a stick in the neighbour's yard and nate wore his leg warmers and his own sunglasses! okay, so it may be 4 degrees out...but the wind is COLD! so we trek to the iga, get the few groceries we need, stop at connie's for a minute on the way back, then get into the car to finish off our adventure! the car part was part of the plan, since I knew that ty would never make it all the way to blockbuster and back [5 blocks in the opposite direction of iga!]. so, each of the boys got to pick a video and I picked up "no country for old men" since everyone I've talked to seems to rant and rave about this movie. then a short walk over to second cup for coffee, and back in the car for the 2 minute drive home!

seems fairly insignificant, rather ordinary morning, but we had a fun time and now ty is sound asleep [LOVE nap time!!]. all is well. and as I look at my dirty floor, I know that it can wait for a broom...opportunities to hang out with the kids and "look for signs of spring" [nate's words!] in the neighbourhood was definitely the better choice.

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