Wednesday, March 19, 2008

you can't always get what you want

yes, the song is cranked and ty has spatulas and a drum set made with a bucket turned over; nate has a wooden fork to play guitar on. my kids, the musicians! [oh and both are wearing eskimo jerseys!!].

the last week [or so] has been pretty hectic...totally playing catch up on all I missed in the 5 days I was vacationing. although I am looking forward to the 4 day weekend, I am looking even more forward to spring break. 5 days of NO SCHOOL. NO KIDS. just me, my house, my cleaning supplies, my garbage bags and a stack of books. all is well when I can clean & purge my house in peace! oh, and I need to strap my runners on and walk every day for the next 6 weeks. yeah. the race is in only 6 weeks. time to get my buttola in gear!!

off to sit and read. I am sure enjoying that the sun is staying out until close to 8pm.

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