Sunday, June 01, 2008


where exactly did may disappear to? huh? yeah. I am a bad, bad blogger. susan, on the other hand has been a good blogger as of late! not me. alas, I have wandered back to offer some updates and show off some pictures...

really, other than work and soccer and trips to vancouver and just life in general, nothing really new has been happening. I am heading into one of the more busy months of my school year - it rates up there with september, but not quite as high as late october-early november! although I tend to put everything under the bracket of stress, really I am not feeling stressed - just really busy. the time that I do have to sit down, I am thinking about the foot of marking that has been sitting in my pretty red bag FOR TWO WEEKS! [no, really!] I also know that next three weeks are going to be nuts and I need to get my game face on...just gear up and face it head on. because once it's done, I get to breathe and do all those things around the house that are stockpiling. anyhow...some soccer pics of the boys!

happy sunday, friends and I will try to be a better blogger...soon!!!

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susan santos said...

I was wondering when I might see a new post from you...yippeee! I no longer have to see the "official results" title...missed ya, but totally understand the busy thing.