Monday, June 30, 2008


yes. the first monday of summer vacation. hehehe!!
although I haven't touched the house [and BOY, does it need a good scrub down!!], the boys and I did make it to starbucks, save-on AND costco...and home in time for lunch and a wee nap for my lovely ty [who was still awake at 2am...grrr]. we got all the things we need for the party, but now I am in worry mode - which I really shouldn't be, but I kinda am. I will explain.

I feel a bit of peer pressure about the whole birthday party thing. like there is a rule book on how a kids party should go, only I didn't get a copy of the book. I have VERY limited experience with the kid/birthday thing, and this makes me a bit nervous. I think the nervousness comes from the fact that this year, we've invited strangers...their kids are not strangers to my kids [they play together 4 days a week, and some of them will be in nate's kindergarten class this year] but, some of the parents are strangers to me! EEEKKKKKKK! slight exaggeration as I think about it, I have met all invited people, they just aren't all my close friends [some are becoming good friends...HENCE the pressure!]. AND on that note, I am VERY grateful that my close friends are coming, even though "they" are birthing a baby the very next day! [you ROCK, suz!] okay, so I really have no reason to panic. no reason to worry. no reason to fret. I can throw a decent doesn't need to be fancy. hotdogs, ice cream, cake, water and canada flags. it's all good. breath deep, cor. the only thing that needs to be perfect is the maple leaf on the cake...LOL

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susan santos said...

It was a great party Cori, you didn't need to fret. I was VERY impressed you baked the cake! You are SO Martha Stewart!!! Seth had a good time, along with all the other kids and that's what really matters right?? There were a lot of kids but luckily the weather co-operated and all was well. You rock!
Make sure you visit me when you can, I miss my friend!!