Saturday, June 28, 2008


well, another school year is done. finished. wrapped up. complete. it was a very good year. and this is why I love my job - although there are insanely crazy parts, tear your hair out parts, kill a kid parts and never see my family or friends parts, I really do love my job. I love that at the end of a school year I can look back and reflect...think of areas that ROCKED and areas that I would totally change. I can think of kids that made an impact on me and kids that I know I hit home with. I can think of kids that have soared with their learning and those that made just baby steps. and how all of those things are really good things. I am so excited about next year, and that I get to do it all over again with many of the same great kids. but on the other hand, I am so glad that I get to spend my summer doing things for me: hanging out with the boys, meet new babies, travel with my friend, stamp, scrap, blog, WALK, lose 20 lbs. it's all good.

last summer, it took me until august to feel better/rested from my "maybe I need a new career" teaching year. this year, well, I got drunk with my friends last night and I have a glass of wine in my hand right now...and I think that will do the trick. this is the way it should be.

so, in honour of my feel-good-happy-school-ending, I am going to set 2 goals for this next week: drink a crap load of water [10 glasses a day] and walk every day next week. I have started tracking my eating again on sparkpeople and it felt good today. I am very disappointed with myself for letting myself gain 15lbs this past year - yeah, it's really been that much. and I know that it is only hard work that will fix this. so, I am back on the wagon and I am going to aim for 2 lbs a week...I can do this. no more excuses.

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susan santos said...

It's about bloody time you blogged! I am having Cori blogs, no stamping, no going for coffee...thank goodness your boys have birthdays or I'd NEVER see you!! :-)