Sunday, October 26, 2008

another weekend

well, another weekend has come and gone, after a long, long week. and I find myself, on this sunday night, feeling totally behind yet again. yes, I've been sick [no voice, lovely cough] so I should cut myself some slack, but not being at school on friday cost me prep time and some special needs time - both which will need some catching up on. and tomorrow, my student teacher starts. I was going to start some new social units, but alas, that may have to wait. grrr.

so, as I always do, I spent some time distracting myself with things that didn't really need to get done, but fun stuff. and, it means that this week is once again going to be a busy flurry of activity and craziness, making up for the lack of work done last week. sigh.

some new creations, a new baby [we LOVE baby Ty!] and a kid shot [they are loving each other for once!]:

I have to find my other pages that I did this week - and see if I can change the title on my blog - still unsure of the whole photoshop thingy...

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