Wednesday, October 15, 2008

holy schikers, batman!

just for a brief update.
1. term plans are done and handed in.
2. year plans are done and handed in.
3. professional growth plans are done and handed in.
4. article is read. discussed. enjoyed. new one assigned needing to be read by monday.
5. plans done for the week.
6. new moon read.
7. eclipse read.
8. breaking dawn started.
9. project proposal outline done.
10. pizza ordered.
11. six pies made and eaten/given away.
12. piano solo practiced, played, enjoyed.

really, not too bad for a couple of days of work. all is well - I JUST NEED TO FINISH READING SO I CAN GET ON WITH WORK THAT MATTERS!!!!!

1 comment:

swandive_pixie said...

Wow... I'm feeling incompetent! lol Good for you!! I'd like to get out my pjs for a start!!