Monday, October 06, 2008


okay, I am making this quick. I started a book on Saturday [after I talked to erika on the phone...!] and literally did not put it down until I was finished on sunday - AT MIDNIGHT! now, I am not usually a fan of the "popular" when it comes to books, but HOLY SCHMIKES!!! I get it. I get the hype. I get the obsession. I dreamt about the characters last night and had to go and buy the next book after my brutally long day.

Twilight [by Stephanie Mayer] is AMAZING. It was such a great story and really figurative and descriptive on so many levels. I could see the movie playing in my head as I read. Like a vampire to blood, I am addicted. Edward. Bella. GO GET THIS BOOK [or borrow it from me once I get it back from my sister!!]; it is an easy read and just an enjoyable piece of fiction. like a good cup of coffee. or a good song on the radio. pure entertainment. anyways, as I rant, I am eagerly awaiting "New Moon", the sequel, so this IS short!

on another note, I started the epsb leadership course today [hence the long day]. I am going to be one tired little cookie by the time christmas comes. forgive me now, while I am still able to ask!!


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