Thursday, October 29, 2009


do you see your potential? do you do things that may be risky, knowing that there is a good chance you'll succeed? yeah, me neither. turns out that I think I need a coach. I coach a lot of people - I think it's the teacher in me - I see potential in people who don't see it in themselves, while I sit here not seeing it at all in my own self. odd, eh? for me there's always been a fine line between confidence and arrogance and in trying so hard not to be arrogant, my confidence has turned to mush.

I have this huge deal presentation at a pd session on monday. I was REALLY stressed about it. like over the top stressed. well, I had a chat with one of my coaches and realized that he wouldn't have asked me to step on the ice if he didn't really believe that I couldn't score the goal. within that conversation, I found peace. he believes in me. it gave me permission to believe in myself. although I still have no clear view of my potential, my coaches do. and there are more of them out there than I realize - maybe it's time to start trusting what they have to tell me.

and in other news...
yeah, so overwhelmed with the above presentation that there hasn't been other news!!!



Chris H. said...

cori--I see myself in your posts sometimes. blessings to you.

susan said...

Cori, don't forget the "GREAT COACH IN THE SKY" *wink* He always sees potential in you!!
You are awesome & I will pray for you on Monday!!