Tuesday, June 08, 2010

oh mickey you're so fine...

this is going to be uber random. maybe I'll do the ol' list thing!

1. ty turns 5 next week. *shudder* seriously. I have a moment every time I think back to that day. I love that boy, I really do, but his birth story will turn anyone off birthing. that's why it's so wonderful that I teach sex ed this time of year!!

which brings me to...
2. my new favorite app. the hipstamatic. I LOVE the pictures this thing takes! I used it to take both of the above pictures. it has great finishes and frames. love the subject in those pictures and love the lens and the film that I chose!!

3. we are mere days from our final walk though on the new house. next week at this time I will have pictures of a finished house. YIPPIE!!

4. I was down 0.8lbs last week at weight watchers. not stellar. not awful. I had a moment of discouragement until I had four completely unrelated people ask me in the last three days if I've lost more weight. strange. very, very strange. I like strange.

5. one year ago I was in vegas. in one month I'll be in vegas. I like that. I have a big crush on vegas. she's my new best friend. a best friend with some great shopping deals. sweet!

6. soccer three times a week. I thought it may be crazy. it is. but I am officially one of those moms. the kind that has a lawn chair permanently stashed in her trunk and bug spray on the front seat. I love watching my kids play. ty is all elbows and nate is all skill.

7. I've survived over two weeks at my mom-in-laws. and really, there is very little to complain about.

8. I am not being a great teacher right now. I have students in such enormous pain and I am too tired to deal. I am too self absorbed right now to be all the things I usually am for them - teacher, counsellor, friend, mother...and before you all say "you shouldn't be doing all of that anyway", actually, I should. it's my calling. it's my gig. it's my thing. and I am not full enough to be all of that. perhaps "burnout" may be the word to describe things right now. I really don't like that word though...it's so cliche. so depressing. I'm just not full enough in my own heart and spirit to share with others. I need some refilling time. some time to care for my own soul. hard to do when I can't hear myself think.

9. I went to a wee coffee shop with some friends on saturday. it's called transend coffee. it's lovely.

10. this note made me smile today. the grade 9's that are leaving this year are the ones that stared in jr high at the same time I did. I really like them. I'm going to miss most of them. not all, most.

there. the randomness is done. off to check facebook!! [yeah, and now that I said it, you're going to check too...!!!]

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Amy said...

Also a cliche, but it's the time of year when it's hard for teachers to have the energy to fill all the roles we need to fill. Recognizing you need time to fill your own tanks is a good thing! Enjoy all the wonderful things happening in your life right now...and as a fellow teacher, thank you for caring!