Monday, July 12, 2010

life is a highway

so, it seems that I have a moment. wow!

I got back from my trip to vegas last night after a very, very long day [I'll tell all in a second...]; John & the boys picked me up from the airport close to midnight and so the boys are completely shattered and subsequently still sleeping [ohhh, big words AND alliteration...intentional? indeed!!]. the crummy part is that it wasn't planned that way at all.

we were suppose to be on a 7am flight out of LV, only to find out when we arrived off of our 4:25am shuttle, that the flight to minneapolis had been cancelled for mechanical reasons. me, in all my wonderfulness, thought that sleeping the night before would be pointless. so here we are, in the LV airport, finding out that we are on the next available flight at 3:15pm. in all fairness, I have only good things to say about the staff at delta. they were AMAZING. we were upgraded to first class on the first leg of our trip, we didn't pay for our luggage [so I checked the shoe bag!], we were given meal vouchers and a hotel voucher.

after a few more hurdles and meeting some other ladies from edmonton in the same boat, we found ourselves able to get some sleep in a hotel. a lovely hotel with a big tv [watched half the soccer game!] and chocolate chip cookies. NEEDLESS to say, there were some really lovely people along our little mis-adventure that made it all good in the end. we got to bypass the security line, got a lovely meal on the plane and free drinks...ALL GOOD! the 8 hour delay was not the best way to end a trip, but it certainly was interesting!

and now I am home and I can unpack my house. the boys and I are off to IKEA to buy some shelves and some lunch. the rain is making our house a mud pit. [oh, and yes, we are moved in to the new house...I'll post about that tomorrow!!]

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