Wednesday, July 14, 2010

head & shoulders knees & toes

so this blog post found me in my inbox this morning: summer mothering confessions. I don't read all my blog feeds everyday but I read this one today. and I think I need to master the art of taking a time out when I'm feeling overwhelmed with my kids. although I have shipped them off for the day, I am still not all in my reality. coming back from a mini-vacation has been brutal on my head. school ended two weeks ago and in those two weeks we've moved, started unpacking and I went to vegas for 5 days. so today, I get to breath.

I have a major writing assignment due tomorrow. two in fact. I have to write two devotionals for a christmas devotional book thing. I just don't have my groove! I started last night, in true cori fashion. had nothing to write. so this morning, if the rain holds out, I am going to go for a walk and spend some time thinking.

and then I need to find a 10" wide utensil holder because I want my utensils by my dishwasher and not on the other end of the kitchen. canadian tire, here I come!

oh, and a picture [just to brighten my wee blog!!!]

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